frostymy outfit details: coat // fleece lined snow pants // beanie // boots

Building frosty is always on my winter bucket list, but doesn’t always happen since we live in the desert.  E seems to love the idea of building frosty too!  His first request when we arrived for our vacation in Colorado was to build frosty.  It made me so happy!

vacation in Colorado frosty

Since our first day at Dunton was spent exploring the ghost town, we dedicated the second day to doing everything E wanted to do.  He was super excited to be build a huge frosty and since Dunton had over three feet of snow, we embraced the challenge.  I had pictured him helping us roll the balls of snow, but he preferred to be project manager and just crawled around in the snow saying “bigger, bigger”.

frosty vacation in Colorado

E thought it was so funny that he could crawl across the snow drifts without sinking.  He would crawl right up to the edge of a cabin and play with the icicles.  If I tried to chase after him, I would sink thigh deep into the snow and get stuck.

vacation in Colorado vacation in Colorado

Once me and my hubby had formed the three balls for frosty’s body, E got more interested in helping.  The chef had given us a purple carrot and a tub of berries to use for the face, which E thought was hilarious.  He kept saying “berries for eyes?!” and giggling.  Our frosty was definitely not the traditional frosty with eyes made out of coal.

frosty frosty

We completed frosty with a head of hair made from evergreen branches and giant icicles for his arms.  Unfortunately we didn’t realize we had built him on slight slope of partially packed snow and right after we took the picture he collapsed………bummer!  Oh well, at least we checked building frosty off our winter vacation in Colorado bucket list.

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