Snow Day in Dunton, Colorado

Snow days are few and far between in New Mexico, so every year we plan a winter vacation to Colorado.  We usually go to Durango, but after discovering Dunton Hot Springs on Pinterest, I decided to change our winter vacation destination.  It was a great decision, because Dunton was even better than expected!

It was a beautiful winter wonderland that made for perfect snow days.  It’s a re-stored ghost town nestled in the San Juan mountains in Colorado.  Fourteen years ago a German family bought Dunton Hot Springs, which was an abandoned mining town deep in the mountains with a hot springs on site.  The family spent seven years restoring the town and salvaging as much of it’s rich history as it could.  After years of hard work and careful planning they created a beautiful, perfectly rustic, chic all-inclusive mountain resort.

It has twelve cabins that can be rented, a beautiful gathering lodge, 3 hot spring pools, and a bath house fed by the hot springs.  It’s absolutely incredible!  The entire time we were there, I kept saying to my hubby “I can’t believe a place like this exists.  It’s absolutely perfect!”.

Our first day was a bit of a journey getting there.  We made the drive to Dolores, Colorado easily and then ran right into a huge snow storm.  The snow created a magical blizzard around us, but it also made for a driving adventure.  To get from Dolores to Dunton we needed to drive thirty miles along a dirt road on a winding mountain road.  Luckily, my hubby doesn’t mind driving in the snow, but the whole time I was worried we were going to slip into a ditch.  The thirty miles took us over an hour to drive at our snail pace, but we got there without a problem.

outfit details: beanie // similar sweater // jeans // similar scarf // boots

After having an amazing lunch of elk stew in the lodge with the other guests we set out to explore Dunton Hot Springs and enjoy the snow day.  After being in the car for hours, E wanted to play non-stop, so we had a little snow fight, until he got distracted and decided to try and catch snow flakes in his mouth instead.  Then we walked all around the little town.  It was such a dreamy snow day!

See pictures from last year’s snow day spent dog sledding here.


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