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books for preschoolers

One evening while we were vacationing in Dunton, Colorado we decided to relax in the library before heading to dinner.  It had been a busy day full of exploring the San Juan mountains on snow shoes.  I was sore, tired, and hungry so we decided to build a fire and read some of the books for preschoolers in the library with E.  Clearly E was tired too, because he fell asleep after just two books.

books for preschoolers books for preschoolers

Dunton is definitely one of the most peaceful resorts I’ve ever visited.  While E slept, I flipped through some of the books in the library and my hubby went outside to capture photos of the snow filled town at night.  He did such a great job!  Every time I look at the picture above I want to go back to Dunton right away.

books for preschoolers

The cabins were filled with sheep skin rugs that were so cozy.  E and I spent hours laying on the rugs, relaxing in the soft fur.  When we got home, I immediately ordered two for our house.

books for preschoolers

I always pack these skinny jeans with me for every vacation.  They are super comfy and go with pretty much any top.  They are also great in the summer with t-shirts and sandals.

books for preschoolers books for preschoolersoutfit details: similar sweater // jeans // similar boots // scarf // beanie

Dunton is seriously the most dreamy place!  Every angle of the property was a picture perfect spot and every cabin was super cozy.  The library was by far my favorite cabin.  It was a gift from the owner to his wife, which had to be moved from one of their other properties when they purchased Dunton.  The manager told us it was a big project to get it moved and reconstructed, but I’m so glad they did.

Reading to E is one of my favorite past times.  As a book lover, I enjoy sharing my love of fictional books with E.  From the day he was born we’ve always read at least one book to him at bedtime (our bedtime routine here) and one book to him during the day.

books for preschoolers

We have the rule in our house that there is no such thing as too many books for E, so he has acquired quite the collection.  Today we wanted to share our favorite story books for preschoolers (click the title of the book to order it):
A Treasury of Curious George
This book has a collection of eight of the most beloved Curious George stories. The illustrations are cute and the quirky stories of George are easy to read again and again.
The Littlest Bunny
This sweet story is perfect toddlers! It has an excellent moral to the story and pretty pastel pictures.
The Little Engine That Could
This classic story is perfect for all ages and is sure to be a hit with train lovers! The author does a great job translating emotions into words as the story progresses, which can be helpful for toddlers struggling with expressing their feelings.
Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site
This beautifully illustrated books has the perfect rhythm that is easy to read over and over again. It’s E’s favorite book and I’m sure all little boys will love it! This bundle of construction pajamas with the book would make the perfect gift for any little boy.
Dear Zoo
This flap book is a short book composed of phrases that will not only entertain your toddler, and will also be a favorite as they learn to read to themselves.
We’re Going on Bear Hunt
This story is so cute about a family going on a bear hunt and all the sounds they hear along the way. The story line will delight both adults and kids.
Discover America State by State: A is for Alaska
Friends from different states have been giving us this series of state books, which has each letter of the alphabet linked to something significant in that state. It’s a great way to learn about history and geography. E loves reading the ones from the states we’ve vacationed in, since they bring back memories from our trips.
Little Blue Truck
This timeless story is one every kid needs. It entertains with fun sounds and has an excellent story line.
Steam Train Dream Train
This book has the most beautiful illustrations, that will delight adults and kids. The author does a wonderful job of creating a peaceful story that easily soothes kids off to sleep with good dreams.
Little Golden Books Collection
We have tons of the Little Golden Books which is a collection of classic Disney stories that are quick and easy to read. They all contain familiar characters like Goofy, Mickey, and Donald Duck, which are perfect for the Disney enthusiast. These books are the go to books for a quick bedtime story at our house.

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    what are the age ranges you’d recommend these for? also, your place looks so cozy. I want to nap in front of the fire, too 🙂


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