Easter Pictures 2017

I’m a bit late posting these Easter pictures, but Easter was too much fun this year to not document it on the blog.  We celebrated to the fullest, even though I wasn’t feeling well on Easter day.

A few days before Easter we dyed eggs.  E had been looking forward to it for days, so I thought it was going to be a super special event.  However after we dyed a few eggs, he became completely un-interested and wanted to mix all the colors together.  Luckily we held him off until all the eggs were dyed, but it was a challenge.  In the end we let him mix all the colors together and make a weird brown colored soup.  He was more excited about the brown soup than the eggs………toddlers, what can I say?

outfit details: top // jeans

I bought this top when I was in New York and am obsessed with it.  It’s perfect for spring.  Also, the polka dot version is super cute too.

We always celebrate Easter by having a Easter basket for E to wake up to and an egg hunt for just him at our house.  I love watching him bounce around the yard looking for eggs with a huge smile on his face!  We usually go to church after the egg hunt, but I’ve noticed E hasn’t been getting much out of going to church lately, so this year I decided to try talking to him about why we celebrate Easter instead of going to church.  I’m not sure how well my talk went.

For the afternoon, we spent lunch at the country club celebrating with the Easter bunny.  It was so much fun!  The Easter bunny greeted all the kids and took pictures with them.  Then during brunch he walked around and gave the kids hugs.  After the brunch the kids we were guided out to the lawn which was covered in hundreds of Easter eggs for the kids.  E got tons of eggs!

As we were leaving the club, E made my heart so happy.  He came across three other kids who didn’t get many eggs and gave them each some of his candy.  It makes me so proud when he does sweet thing like that!  I hope he is always so thoughtful.

We had dinner at my in-laws house who had a mini Easter egg hunt for E too.  He did three Easter egg hunts this year, so I would say we got our fill of Easter eggs.

I always love having candid pictures of the holidays.  Here are 5 candid Easter pictures that every parent needs of their little ones:

1. Close Up of Seeing the Easter Basket on Easter Morning
2. Reaching to Get an Egg
3. Dying Easter Eggs
4. Visiting the Easter Bunny
5. Holding Their Easter Basket Full of Eggs While They Hunt Eggs


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  1. Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    Your back yard space is so pretty and such a great view! I always try to have the kids dye their eggs outside, too! So much less mess and you don’t have to worry about spills and drips as much!



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