Santa Fe Hotels – A Night Away

At the bottom of this post, there is a list of our favorite Santa Fe hotels and resorts with lengthy descriptions for all of recommendations.

If you follow along on Instagram you may have seen that my hubby and I spent a night away from E, so that we could stay at one of the amazing kid free Santa Fe hotels, Sunrise Springs Resort.  I’m so clingy to E.  He’s four and I have only spent a few nights away from him that didn’t entail hospital call nights during residency.  I always feel a little guilty leaving him, although I know I shouldn’t (more about that here).  In the end I was so glad we did a mini-trip without him.  If we hadn’t we would have never gotten to experience one of the best Santa Fe resorts.

Sunrise Springs Resort was the perfect place to relax as a couple.  It’s set on the most beautiful plot of land that includes the river running through it, a few of the foothills Santa Fe is known for, and gorgeous manicured walking paths.  The moment we walked through the gates I told my hubby I was never leaving.  It’s like being in paradise!

(When I find a truck that matches my earrings, I have to take a picture)

One reason we chose Sunrise Springs as opposed to other Santa Fe Resorts was because it offers a full daily itinerary of relaxing activities that help refresh the mind, body, and spirit.  It perfectly accomplishes the feeling of a wellness retreat without having the rigid schedule that comes with them, since the activities are low key and optional.

All the other Santa Fe hotels we’ve stayed in have been pretty traditional.  They offered a room, a beautiful pool, possibly breakfast, and sometimes spa access, but Sunrise Springs Resort seriously had it all.  Play time with puppies and silky chickens (I wish we would have taken pictures of this), art classes, yoga classes, counseling sessions, gardening classes, herbal tea making sessions, guided hikes, and other random activities.  And most of it was included with the price of our room!

This swimsuit was a big splurge, but it was so worth it! outfit details: swimsuit // similar white dress // yoga pants // sports bra // similar shorts // white sandals

My hubby and I have been struggling a lot with our infertility battle and the stress of us both being working parents (even though I’m only part-time, it’s still hard). It was so nice to get away together and have conversations that were fun and flirty and activities that helped us create new memories together.

Santa Fe continues to be a wonderful summer vacation spot, so I wanted to include a list of our favorite Santa Fe Hotels and in the Santa Fe area.

Our Favorite Santa Fe Hotels

Tamya Hyatt Resort (middle price range)
Tamya is our favorite family friendly hotel in the Santa Fe area (pictures of our recent stay here and here). It’s between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, so it’s ideal for families with a vacation itinerary for both cities. It’s a stunning resort on the Santa Anna Indian Pueblo, which offers the best mountain views in all of New Mexico. It has a beautiful golf course, several pools, amazing spa with traditional Native American spa treatments, a horse stable, bikes, and a walking path to the river. We go to this resort for one day every season as a quick family getaway and have always had wonderful experiences. It’s one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever been and it offers a truly unique Native American cultural experience.

Santa Fe Motel and Inn (low price range)
We discovered this hotel when we were in college and had a tiny travel budget, but even now it’s one of our favorites (see pictures of our recent stay here). It’s beautifully decorated with traditional New Mexican tiles, colorful rugs, and chili ristas. It also offers an amazing breakfast burrito station each morning, which is included in the price of the room. It’s a short walk to the Santa Fe square where all the restaurants, art galleries, museums and entertainment is. Plus it’s only a three minute walk to the train station and Santa Fe railroad yard where there is an amazing farmer’s market every Saturday morning, and a beautiful children’s park (pics here).

La Fonda (high-end price range)
This Santa Fe hotel and spa has been on our must-stay list for a long time. It’s a historic hotel in the heart of the Santa Fe square that is a favorite wedding venue for locals. It provides the perfect location for spending your vacation exploring the square. However, it requires a solid hotel budget and booking far in advance.


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    how awesome that you and your husband were able to get away! This place looks amazing, and what amazing photos. Great post!

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