Date Night Ideas – A Date at Sunrise Springs

date night ideasMy husband and I are always trying to come up with creative date night ideas.  We’ve been together for twelve years, so we try to spice things up by going on fun date nights.  It’s so easy to settle into the routine of a dinner or movie together, but those dates rarely create memories to treasure.

date night ideas

We recently had a date night at Sunrise Springs Resort and Spa, which created so many fun new memories together.  Today I wanted to share some of our favorite and most memorable date nights along with some pictures from our recent date night.

15 Date Night Ideas

  • Micro-Brewery Hop – Even small towns have multiple micro-breweries popping up left and right, so it’s easy to make a list of micro-breweries in the area and try to visit them all in one date.  I’d highly recommend a taxi for this one!
  • Dinner at a Resort – Most cities have at least one resort in the city or near the city.  We love going for dinner at resorts and then spending the evening wandering the resort property.
  • Spontaneous Road Trip – Hop in the car with just a tooth brush, change of clothes, and PJs.  Then drive until you find a place that seems interesting to explore.  Whether it be ten miles away or one hundred miles away, road trips are a great way to spend quality time together and make new memories.
  • Plan a Progressive Dinner Tour – Google Italian restaurants in your area.  Go to the closest restaurant to you and have an appetizer.  Then go to the next restaurant that pops up for soup or salad.  Then on to the next restaurant for an entree and go to a fourth restaurant for dessert.  It’s a fun twist on the typical dinner date night ideas.
  • Visit a Humane Shelter – For the animal lovers, this date is always a big hit.  Go hang out at a humane shelter during the hours that they let visitors play with the dogs.  It’s a win, win!  You help the animals and get to have a fun date with furry friends.

(More cute date ideas after a few pictures)

date night ideas date night ideas date night ideas

  • Watch Your Friend’s Kids – Here me out……When there are more kids in your house it is bound to require more teamwork and creativity.  We’ve had some unexpected date nights where we teamed together to manage a house hold of rowdy boys and did tons of fun activities all together.
  • Wine and Paint Event – Every town we’ve ever visited offers a wine and paint night in the tourist area.  It’s basically a group painting class that’s made more fun by wine.
  • Private Work Out Class – My hubby and I have taken private rock climbing classes and yoga classes together, which have been a blast.  Just stick to something that neither of you are good at to avoid competition.
  • Visit a Vineyard or Winery – Most towns have a winery, which is the perfect setting for date afternoon.
  • Hop on a Red Eye Flight – Red eye flights are often inexpensive and don’t sell out.  A fun date weekend can easily start by hoping on a red eye flight and exploring a new city with little to no planning.

date night ideas date night ideas date night ideas

  • Go Dancing – Most cities have at least one place to go dancing and even for people who don’t like to dance, they can be full of entertainment.  Also, most dance clubs/halls offer classes early in the night, which are usually lots of fun.
  • Visit the Zoo – It’s not just for kids.  I have a friend that swears all of his best dates have been at the zoo.  It’s a place full of entertainment that helps keep fun conversation going.
  • Go to a Spa –  Whether the day calls for a full body treatment or just a pedicure it can be fun to get pampered together.
  • Take a Cooking Class – Many mom and pop restaurants and kitchenware stores offer one-time cooking classes.  They’re a fun spin on a dinner date.
  • Go for a Hike – Hiking isn’t exactly romantic but it is a great way to have some good conversation while getting exercise.  As an added bonus, pack some wine to share when you reach a lookout spot.

date night ideas date night ideas date night ideas date night ideas

In my book creative dates are always the way to go, especially after being with someone for a long time.  Doing something out of the norm together helps spark new conversations, playfulness, and new “special moments” in the relationship.

Bonus Date Night Ideas – If the options above aren’t your style you can always go with one of the classic creative date ideas: mini-golf, bowling, walk on the beach, star gazing, or cook a fancy meal together


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