Day At the Zoo

Last weekend we let E choose how we would spend the day.  He chose a day at the zoo.  Pretty much any time he gets to choose our activity for the day he chooses the zoo.  Needless to say we are there a lot!  Although I don’t mind because it’s beautiful and it gives the whole family a bit of exercise.  Plus sometimes they have fun activities like feeding the giraffes, which is always amazing.

The zoo in our city is working on a giraffe breeding program and for the past two springs they’ve had a giraffe born at the zoo.  The baby wasn’t out during this visit, but he is so cute.  If you thought watching a one year old awkwardly learning to toddle along was cute, than you will love seeing a baby giraffe trying to get it’s legs under him.

The zoo does such a good job of capturing the southwest feel with all it’s vibrant colors.  Every time I go to the zoo I get more ideas for our patio, which is southwest themed.  Aren’t those benches amazing?!

E loves watching and mimicking the animals.  Clearly he’s perfected the flamingo stance!  It’s been so fun comparing zoo trips because every visit he’s a bit older and more coordinated, so he gets better and better at his animal impressions.

It’s only fitting that the last picture be E in his “no more pictures” pose.  Poor kid.  We love taking pictures and capturing all the moments.  I don’t think he realizes we are going to be taking way to many pictures of him his entire life……



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