How to Prevent a Temper Tantrum When Leaving the Park

How many times have you seen a young child throwing a temper tantrum as he leaves the park?  I’ve definitely seen many.  Unfortunately, I’ve even seen moms and dads get hit, kicked, and bit by their angry toddlers during those tantrums.

temper tantrum

Toddlers love to throw a temper tantrum as they’re leaving fun places like the zoo, park, or a friend’s house.  We were having this problem with E, until I found a solution that works really well in my favorite parenting book (I’ve talked a lot about this book on Instagram).  It’s a simple solution to a difficult and often embarrassing situation.

Here’s how to prevent a temper tantrum when leaving a public place.

When it’s about time to leave and your child is still playing ask him “Would you like to go now or in five minutes?”.  Most of the time he’ll choose in five minutes, which is fine.  Then say “Okay, finish up what you’re doing or do one last thing in those five minutes”.  Let your child do whatever he wants during those five minutes.  When five minutes has passed, say “Five minutes is up, say good-bye”.

We have been using this technique on E for the past year and it usually works well.  In fact, last time I was at the park another mom asked me how I got him to leave so easily.  It works well because it gives the child a chance to mentally prepare for the leave.  It also gives him the power to say when he leaves, which delights most toddlers.

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