Fall Foliage Hike

A few weekends ago we hiked around an Aspen forest just outside of Santa Fe.  The fall foliage was beautiful!  Fall has always been my favorite season.  There’s nothing quite like the changing leaves and crisp air.

We’ve been trying to take more family photos, so this hike we brought along the tripod.  I was so glad we did!  We were pretty much the only ones on the trail and every half mile or so there was another gorgeous spot for pictures.

During the hike we took frequent breaks, so me and the twin baby bump could rest.  E loved the breaks.  He kept stacking the fallen logs and saying “Look how strong I am?”.  He is pretty strong for a four year old 🙂

In a couple more weeks the fall foliage will start turning red, but it also means half the trees will be bare.  I sure wished fall foliage lasted forever.  It’s so pretty.

We kept the hike at a slow pace and took frequent stops, but E usually hits his limit around two miles.  Lucky for him, his dad’s shoulders make for a comfy break spot.  He always ends up finishing hikes on M’s shoulders.

The forest was so fun!  There were thousands of trees lining the path.  During one of our breaks we played hide and seek.  E’s pretty good at disappearing behind a tree.

This is his moose face that he does all the time to be goofy.  He has the biggest sense of humor.  At one point on the hike we passed some older men who were teasing E, he went right along with it and started teasing them that he was surprised they managed to hike so far.  They thought it was the funniest thing.

I wish fall would last the entire year.  It’s so pretty and the perfect temperature for hikes.  We’re considering going to Colorado to see more fall foliage, but I don’t know if this twin baby bump wants to sit in the car that long.  Luckily Santa Fe provides lots of pretty colors and isn’t far away.



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    1. Carly Post author

      That sounds amazing! We just booked a trip to Aspen for Thanksgiving. I think we will miss the fall colors but hopefully we will see some snow


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