Big Announcement….. Pregnant with Twins!!!

We have a big announcement that we have been waiting and waiting to share……I’m pregnant with twins!  It’s been a secret that’s been hard to keep, but I’m officially pregnant with two sweet little babies.  Sorry I’ve been MIA from the blog lately.   The twin pregnancy and a new puppy are taking away all of my free time.

When I was pregnant with E I was nauseated, throwing up, and tired all the time.   During that pregnancy I was also doing my first year of medical residency, so I’ve always attributed the rough pregnancy to my long work hours.  Sadly it wasn’t the work hours.  Pregnancy is just really hard on me.  Don’t get me wrong, we are so happy to be pregnant with twins, but it is hard.  I’m nauseated practically all day, every day, although these 12 natural remedies for morning sickness do help.  I throw up regularly and am experiencing a whole new level of exhaustion.

To be honest, I’m not enjoying this pregnancy, which is hard to say after we’ve gone through IVF to make it happen.  I’m clinging to the hope that the second trimester will be easier.  I know that being pregnant with twins is an amazing experience and one that I will look back on with so much joy, but right now it’s really hard.  I keep reading blogs by other twin moms (A Slice of Style & The Ivory Lane) who did IVF and thinking it’s going to get better soon….

On to the fun stuff!  We’ll be documenting each step of our twin pregnancy with a post each trimester.  I’ll also be doing some fun posts answering all the questions I’ve gotten about IVF, being pregnant with twins, and surviving pregnancy while working.  Keep those questions coming!

pregnant with twins

Pregnant with Twins the First Trimester Details

Due:  in April

How far along: 12 weeks

Thoughts on Twins:  After struggling to get pregnant for years and doing IVF, we are so excited to be expecting two!  I know a lot of people find twins terrifying.  We’re not terrified, although we may be naive, we are super happy to be pregnant with twins!  We will be sharing a lot more pictures on Instagram of my growing bump.

Weight gain:  Only two pounds so far, which I think is probably due to all the food aversions and nausea with vomiting I’ve had.  At this point with my first pregnancy (singleton) I had gained close to five pounds.  I’ve created a weekly meal plan that lets me cook quick and simple family meals and easy snacks that I’m following.  More about that here.

Get the Fit Pregnancy Guide that I’m following here.

Symptoms:  From six to twelve weeks I had non-stop nausea with frequent vomiting.   These 12 natural remedies for morning sickness helped, but didn’t completely take it away.   As soon as I reached week twelve my nausea started to improve.  I’m hoping it stays that way.  I’ve also been really tired and super emotional.  I’m not sure if this has to do with having all the IVF medicines (yep, IVF hormones continue beyond the positive pregnancy test) being adjusted every few weeks or if it’s due to the pregnancy its self, but I hope it gets better in second trimester.

Cravings:  I’ve been craving iced lemon water during the entire IVF process.  I don’t really have food cravings, but I have found that fruits and carbs seem to help with the nausea, so I eat a ton of those.

Genders:  We will definitely be finding out the genders and doing a gender reveal on the blog. (update at 18 weeks: see the gender reveal post here!!!)

Exercise:  I’ve been getting tons of questions from co-workers and friends about how I’m staying fit.  It’s way too much information to put here, but you can read about how I’m staying fit while pregnant here.  Staying fit during pregnancy is super important to me, not just for my sake, but to help minimize the complications that often come with a twin pregnancy.  Get my fit pregnancy plan here.

Ultrasounds:  I believe we’ve had ten ultrasounds.  The infertility doctor did one once a week to measure growth and then any time I had a complication.  We’ve also had an extensive ultrasound at the peri-natologist, whom we’re seeing since I’m having twins and had pre-term labor with E.

Babies Growth: Every single ultrasound the babies have been almost the exact same size with their heart rates being very similar.  This is a huge relief for us as many twin pregnancies have one twin that is much weaker and sometimes will miscarry as the other twin takes all the nutrients.  I’ve been following along with The Bump’s week by week pregnancy info and it’s fun to think about what they’re developing each week.

Complications:  I’ve had continuous spotting and cramping since the embryos were transferred even before I had a positive pregnancy test.  I’ve also had three other major bleeding episodes, but the babies have always been okay.  With E’s pregnancy I had tons of complications.  I was on bed rest for major bleeds in the first trimester.  Then I went into labor at 33 weeks and was hospitalized and bed rested on and off until I delivered him just shy of 37 weeks.  I’m so glad this pregnancy has been less complicated.  I also think my schedule as a medical resident had a lot to do with the complications during E’s pregnancy.  I’m working a lot lighter load with this pregnancy, thank goodness.

Maternity Clothes:  Luckily I get to wear scrubs at work, which easily accommodate my growing belly.  However my jeans and some of my fitted dresses are starting to get uncomfortable.  I bought the dress I’m wearing in these photos and several other items from ASOS.  I love their maternity clothes and they are really affordable!

Big Brother’s Thoughts:  E has attended many of the IVF appointments with us, so he has known the entire time.  We include him in most of our conversations, so he’s gone through the IVF journey with us.  He is so excited!  He’s been telling everyone that he’s going to have a brother and a sister (he’s convinced there is one of each).  He’s also been busy coming up with plans to share his room and toys.  It’s the cutest thing!  Whenever we have friends over with babies, he insists on helping feed them and change them, because he’s training to be a big brother.  It makes my heart so happy to see him so excited!

Baby Gear:  We haven’t bought much yet, just a few cute beanies from Baby Gap.  I’ve read that Amazon offers a free baby gift box for creating a registry with them.  I’m going to try it out when I have time, so maybe that will get me more motivated to get baby things.  (update: the baby gift box is totally legit and awesome!  We got a swaddle blanket, 30 diapers, and a onesie)

Stretch Marks:  None yet….. Although I gained 33 pounds when I was pregnant with E, I never got stretch marks with him.  I hope it will be the same with this pregnancy.  I recently spoke to one of the plastic surgeons I know (the doctor community is small in our town) and he had a lot to say about stretch marks.  It’s too much to put here, so I typed it up in a bonus article for subscribers only (see below)

My Fit Pregnancy Guide is now available for a limited time!  It includes a 14 day meal/snack plan, recipes, grocery lists, workout video, and workout schedules for any lifestyle.  Learn more about the Fit Pregnancy Guide by clicking here.

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How to Prevent Stretch Marks



24 thoughts on “Big Announcement….. Pregnant with Twins!!!

    1. Carly Post author

      I’m so nervous about how the end of pregnancy will go. Hopefully we will be able to avoid the NICU. I guess that’s the downfall of twins. Thanks for the sweet words they mean a lot while I’m feeling so sick

  1. Kristen

    I totally feel you on the sickness. People really don’t get it unless they’ve been through it. I am 37+3 today on my third pregnancy, and every single time I’ve been pregnant, I’m totally useless in the first trimester. I hope you continue to feel well. I found that by 16/18 weeks, the sickness was completely gone. Hang in there, mama and congratulations!


    1. Carly Post author

      Congrats on your pregnancy, Kristen! It must feel wonderful to be approaching the end. I’m starting to feel better at 14 weeks, so I hope you’re right about it being gone around week 16-18. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Lauren

    Congrats on expecting twins! I had twins more than 14 years ago! I didn’t have nausea, but wound up getting preeclampsia and delivering two months early. I was also on bed rest for a month because of the high blood pressure. (My mom had it too, and I was born two months early.) Now my twin girls are best friends — twins are wonderful!

  3. Dealman

    Unless you have a family history of fraternal twins, you have the same odds as everyone else of having twins and there’s nothing you can do to increase it.


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