Twin Pregnancy – 2nd Trimester Update at 21 Weeks

twin pregnancy

We’re officially over half way through this twin pregnancy!  It still feels like a long way to go until we meet our sweet babies, but at least we’re making progress.  When I wrote the first trimester twin pregnancy post, twenty weeks felt so far away, but time has passed ever so slowly.

twin pregnancypicture above taken at 16 weeks : dress // similar hat // loafers

We’ve started working on the nursery, which has been a fun project!  I’ve also started getting all sorts of baby items.  Did you know that Amazon offers a free box of baby items for creating a baby registry with them?!  I did this a few weeks ago and got a box with a swaddle blanket, 30 diapers and a onesie!  It totally made my day!

twin pregnancypicture above and below taken at 17 weeks: similar tunic // leggings // mules // similar hat

I’m happy to say things have gotten a bit easier.  Around fifteen weeks, I stopped throwing up, which was a huge relief.  I wouldn’t say I’m enjoying being pregnant, but I’m getting through it.

twin pregnancypicture above taken at 18 weeks: dress

There have been a lot of sweet moments in the past few weeks.  I started feeling the babies move around sixteen weeks and the next week both E and my hubby were able to feel them move too.  E has declared that my belly is now bigger than his (bare belly pic here).  He talks to the babies regularly, which is the sweetest thing.  He’s going to be a great big brother!  He also decided to name them Fire Truck and Star, but after many conversations he’s starting to realize those might be better nicknames.

twin pregnancypicture above taken at 19 weeks: similar leggings // similar sports bra

I’ve gotten a lot of comments and questions about how I’m staying fit despite a twin pregnancy.  I’m following a simple meal plan and work out plan that I created myself, since I couldn’t find one I liked online.  Read about my pregnancy fitness plan and meal plan here.

twin pregnancypicture above taken at 20 weeks: sweater // jeans // similar booties // similar hat

We’re officially being cut off from travel, which will be hard.  We’ve been going on one trip a month this year (see our trips here), so it’s going to be a big change to stay home for the next several months.  We took our final trip before the babies come to Aspen, Colorado for Thanksgiving.  It was fun to explore the town, but the drive was really uncomfortable (see pictures on Instagram).  I would not recommend spending all day in the car when you’re twenty weeks into a twin pregnancy.  By the time we finally got home, I was pretty grumpy.

twin pregnancypicture above taken at 20 weeks: dress // duster

We’re taking twin pregnancy bump pictures every four weeks in the same outfit, which I know will be so fun to look back on.  I did this with E’s pregnancy and he thinks the photos are so amusing!  See our week by week baby bump photos on my Instagram.

twin pregnancypicture above taken at 21 weeks: similar swimsuit

Pregnant with Twins the Second Trimester Details

Due:  in April

How far along:  21 weeks – We’re officially over half way!!!

Thoughts on Twins:  We’re thrilled!  However I am starting to get nervous about how early they may come and them being in the NICU.  Our goal is to reach 36 weeks and I really hope we make it that long.   We’ve been sharing more pictures of my growing bump on Instagram.

Weight gain:  Thirteen pounds.  I’ve been following this Fit Pregnancy Plan that is helping me feel strong and healthy during this pregnancy.  Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t gained more weight.  By twenty weeks with my first pregnancy, which was a singleton pregnancy, I’d gained about the same amount as with this one.  Also I think the nausea during the first trimester followed by a cold that lasted three weeks at the beginning of the second trimester has kept my weight gain down too.  My doctors say the baby’s are growing perfectly and even a bit big for their age, so I’m not worrying much about it.

Symptoms:  At eighteen weeks I started getting major fatigue.  I’m still working ten hour shifts at the clinic two to three days a week.  They are so tiring!  At the end of the shift I come home and collapse on the couch.  The next day I’m usually still exhausted and spend the morning either in bed or on the couch.  Other than tired I feel pretty good.  The nausea and food aversions from the first trimester are completely gone, thank goodness.  These 12 natural remedies for nausea helped a lot, but eventually I had to go on medicines.  I’m happy to say, I’m completely off all medicines now.

Cravings:  I’m not having any cravings.  I created a food plan for myself that includes quick 15 minute meals and a variety of healthy snacks that I’ve been enjoying.  Read more about my meal plan here.

Genders:  See the gender reveal post here!

Exercise:  I’m still working out regularly, but I’ve changed my work out plan quite a bit.  I don’t have the energy I did pre-pregnancy, so I’ve modified my fitness plan (more about that here).  I do low intensity, short work outs that help keep me feeling fit and toned.  Staying fit during pregnancy is super important to me, not just for my sake, but to help minimize the complications that often come with a twin pregnancy.  I’ve designed my own workout plan and meal plan that you can get here.

Ultrasounds:  We’ve had tons of ultrasounds and everything looks great!  I see my OBGYN once a month and she does a basic ultrasound to get the heart rates.  The babies are laying directly on top of each other and have practically the same heart rates, so she has to check them with an ultrasound since the fetal doppler can’t differentiate between the two right now.  I also see a peri-natologist, which is a high risk OB, every 2 weeks.  He does an extensive ultrasound measuring each baby, fluid levels, and my cervical length (TMI sorry).

Babies Growth: Every single ultrasound the babies have been almost the exact same size with their heart rates being very similar.  This is a huge relief for us as many twin pregnancies have one twin that is much weaker and sometimes will miscarry as the other twin takes all the nutrients.  At our ultrasound two days ago, the babies weighed one pound each.

Baby Gear:  We’re somewhat minimalists when it comes to getting baby stuff.  I prefer to stick to the 10 baby essentials with a few splurges here and there.  We bought this stroller that easily converts to a double stroller with an add on seat and has a ride along board for E, tons of these swaddle blankets, and I have eye on these baby lounges.  And it’s worth mentioning again that the free Amazon baby box for creating a baby registry is awesome!  Ours had a swaddle blanket, onesie, 30 diapers, and tons of mini bottles of baby products.

Complications:  None in the second trimester!  I had a few complications in the first trimester.  More about that here.

Maternity Clothes:  I’ve created a mini-maternity wardrobe with the essentials that I can easily mix and match.  The majority of the clothes I’m wearing are non-maternity clothes that are big and flowy.  I have this tunic (non-maternity) in three colors and this dress (non-maternity) from Gap is my favorite dress right now.

Big Brother’s Thoughts:  E is still super excited.  He’s started talking to the babies regularly.  It’s becoming more real to him now that I have big baby bump.

Work:  The high risk OB I see every two weeks says that in the old days women pregnant with twins would typically stop working at twenty weeks.  He’s advised me to stop working between 20 and 25 weeks.  I’ve backed down to 100 hours per month for now and we will see how things go.  I’m definitely planning on taking full maternity leave at 26 weeks.

Stretch Marks:  None yet….. Although I gained 33 pounds when I was pregnant with E, I never got stretch marks with him.  I hope I don’t gain any with this pregnancy.  I recently spoke to one of the plastic surgeons I know (the doctor community is small in our town) and he had a lot to say about preventing stretch marks.  You can read what he said here.

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24 thoughts on “Twin Pregnancy – 2nd Trimester Update at 21 Weeks

  1. Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    You really look great! It is such a relief once you are halfway through, I think… plus, the 2nd trimester I always felt was the easiest one. I love that burgundy top/outfit on you! You look so cute working out with that adorable baby bump!


    1. Carly Post author

      You are so sweet, Carrie! Thank you. I’m glad to be in 2nd trimester, but I’m a bit fearful of what will come with 3rd trimester……

  2. Susie @ Mile High Dreamers

    It’s just SO COOL to me that your body is creating not only one, but TWO babies right now! As someone who’s hoping that babies are in the next few years, I weirdly love to read about everyone else’s pregnancy experiences. All of your baby bump pictures are so cute! I can’t wait for more updates. And you look fabulous!

    Susie |

    1. Carly Post author

      They body is truly amazing! I seriously can not believe the transformation it goes through with pregnancy. Thank you for the sweet comment

  3. Mercy

    Judging from these photos I can’t tell you feel so tired at the end of each day, you look really good and fit. I gained a lot each time I was pregnant with my 3 boys, I wish I had more self control like you when it comes to food. I love this idea of you taking photos every month to see the progress, it would be fun to look back later on. Hoping you a great week dear!

    1. Carly Post author

      You’re sweet! I feel like a look and seem exhausted all the time. Pregnancy is so tiring. It’s definitely been a big commitment to make healthy choices during pregnancy but I know it will be worth it.


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