Fit Pregnancy – How I’m Staying Fit While Pregnant with Twins

fit pregnancyfit pregnancy20 weeks along with twins in these photos (my belly is hiding at this angle)

When I found out I was pregnant with the twins, I set the goal to have a fit pregnancy.  Although I stayed somewhat active when I was pregnant with E, I was too busy working eighty hours a week in the hospital to really focus on pregnancy exercises or making wise food choices.  This time around I’m doing everything I can to have a fit pregnancy.  Initially, I thought I could find a fit pregnancy plan online that I could follow.  After searching the internet for a week and asking lots of friends, I still couldn’t find a fit pregnancy plan that was simple, concise, and easy to incorporate into my life.  I finally decided to create my own fit pregnancy plan (click here to be notified when it’s available).

I’ve had a lot of questions and comments about what I’m doing to stay fit despite being pregnant with twins and dealing with major morning sickness.  Today I’m going to share my fit pregnancy plan and answer the questions I’ve received.  However, keep in mind this is not meant as medical advice.  I am not an OBGYN, fitness instructor, or dietitian.  Please clear this plan with your OBGYN or midwife before starting it.

fit pregnancy

Why is staying fit during pregnancy important to me?
Staying fit during pregnancy has tons of advantages.  It helps minimize pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes and excessive weight gain.  A fit pregnancy can also make labor and delivery easier.  Plus staying fit during pregnancy helps makes it easier to return to pre-pregnancy size and shape.

How am I staying fit while being pregnant with twins?
Everything I’ve read says fitness is eighty percent nutrition and twenty percent activity level.  I wish I could just do pregnancy workouts each day and eat whatever I want, but that’s not how it works.  Although I don’t believe in diets and have never dieted, I do watch what I eat.  While being pregnant I’m even more careful, since I’m at a higher risk of gestational diabetes due to the increased hormone levels of carrying two babies.

My fit pregnancy plan consists of three things.  A meal and snack plan that is high in fruits, vegetables, and protein, plus a core strengthening pregnancy workout combined with light cardio workouts and an occasional yoga session.

fit pregnancy

Why are you following a meal and snack plan?
I don’t like to cook and honestly I’d rather skip a meal or snack than put in the effort to make one.  This usually results in me eating whatever is quick and convenient that day, which is rarely healthy.  By following a meal and snack plan, I buy everything from my pre-created grocery list and have tons of options that require little effort for making healthy meals and snacks.  Since my meals and snacks are planned out each week, I always have healthy food options available around the house and my work.

fit pregnancy

What  pregnancy exercises and pregnancy workouts are you doing?
I created a workout schedule that is easy to incorporate with my crazy, working mom lifestyle. It may seem a bit cheesy, but if I don’t have a schedule I won’t ever get around to doing my pregnancy workouts. My workout plan consists of light cardio workouts with a 12 minute low intensity, interval pregnancy workout that strengthens my core and keeps my arms toned. I also do a 20 minute slow flow yoga session once or twice a week that helps ease my back pain and helps me sleep better. I designed both the low intensity interval pregnancy workout and pre-natal yoga workouts myself, because I couldn’t find ones I liked online.  They will be included in my Fit Pregnancy Guide.  Click here to be notified when the guide is available.

Several of my friends are pregnant and have been asking for every little detail of my fit pregnancy plan, so I’ve decided to put all of the details into a Fit Pregnancy Guide.

It includes everything needed for a fit pregnancy:

  • 3 Video Modules Explaining How to Stay Fit During Pregnancy
  • 2 Weeks of Meal & Snack Plans
  • Recipes for All of the 30 Minute Meals
  • Weekly Grocery List
  • Workout Schedules that Accommodate for Any Lifestyle
  • 12 Minute Core and Arm Strengthening Workout Video
  • Tips for Fitting in Light Cardio Workouts for Any Schedule
  • Bonus for Early Purchase: 20 minute Slow Flow Pre-Natal Yoga Video

We’re working hard on the guide and will be launching it soon. The Fit Pregnancy Guide will be available for a limited time so if you are pregnant or plan to get pregnant soon, I’d recommend buying the course as soon is it is available. Click here to be notified when the course launches.

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  1. Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    This is great you are doing this for you and your growing babies! I didn’t really work out until after I had my second child… I realized the pounds just weren’t coming off like I wanted them to after I gave birth and I’ve been really into long distance running ever since. It is so important to take care of our bodies and to give them the fuel they need!



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