Happy New Year’s Eve – The Year in Review

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new year and I must say I’m happy to leave 2017 behind.  This year has been filled with more lows than any other year I can remember.  It’s also had some incredible highs, like finding out I was pregnant with twins.  Nonetheless, it deserves some reflection on the year’s events.

IVF embryosIn January we had just completed our egg retrieval for the IVF process.  The egg retrieval was hard on me.  Really, really hard on me.  At the beginning of January we found out that after weeks of medicines and seemingly endless shots we had six embryos.  The goal is usually ten.  Two were viable, three were not, and one was indeterminate.  We had to make the hard decision whether to thaw the indeterminate embryo and test it or go through weeks of shots to potentially transfer an un-viable embryo that didn’t have the genetic make-up to grow into a baby.  It was a hard decision, but ultimately we decided to thaw and re-test.  It was viable and grew into the baby boy I’m now carrying!

winter vacation destination

January had some good times too.  We went on the most amazing winter wonderland trip to Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado.  We’re planning to go back every year to make more family memories playing in the snow.

santa fe ski

E and I also went skiing for the first time ever!  We took lessons together in Santa Fe.  We definitely looked the part of pro skiers, but we were terrible.  We kept at it though and went skiing three times in January!

This little blog also went viral in January 2017 and had 144 thousand page views in one month!  It was very exciting, but a bit over-whelming all at the same time.  More about that here.

February, March and April were really hard months.  IVF, years of infertility, and being together for ten years had finally taken it’s toll on our marriage.  We had the worst few months of marriage we have ever had.  I’m happy to say we worked through the problems and are now doing better than ever.  We celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary and twelve years of being together a few days ago!

One of our marital comprises was to travel more and spend more time together.  We stuck to this goal and visited both NYC and Sunrise Springs Resort in May.

In June we decided it was time to continue with IVF and started on medications to prepare my body for the transfer.  Unfortunately my endometriosis was creating a negative environment for embryo transfer, so I had another mini-surgery to take out some of it.  We also spent June agonizing over whether to transfer one or two embryos.  Ultimately we decided to transfer two because we were worried the endometriosis would keep the embryos from implanting and may further advance to hinder additional transfers and pregnancies.

We spent the fourth of July exploring Charleston, South Carolina.  It was a trip filled with good quality family time and served as a great distraction as we prepared for the embryo transfer at the end of July.

In August my pregnancy test came back positive!  I had probably taken 100 negative pregnancy tests over the past three years, since the endometriosis makes my cycle crazy.  It was such a happy day for the test to come back positive!  Mid-august our first ultrasound with the Caperton Infertility Institute showed twins!

ring bearer

E’s god parents finally tied the knot in August after dating seven years.  E was ring bearer and it was quite possibly the prettiest wedding I’ve ever attended.

September was dedicated to surviving the all day nausea that came with the twin pregnancy, while working and trying to stay fit during pregnancy.  We did fit in another trip to Sunrise Springs Resort and Santa Fe, but unfortunately they were a blur thanks to the first trimester pregnancy fatigue.

fire truck Halloween outfit

Every October we go on a vacation with E’s God parents.  This year we decided to meet up with them in NYC.  It was a fun, but fast three day weekend spent exploring the city and watching E deepen his bond with them.  We also celebrated Halloween with friends and went on a few hikes to see the aspen trees change.

In November I worked a lot.  Thank goodness I love my job!  We also did a Colorado road trip that included E riding the Polar Express Train in Durango and visiting Aspen for the first time.  I also got super motivated to finish decorating our home (see pics on Instagram).

Now it’s December and the year has come to an end.  We just celebrated Christmas, E turned five, my and my hubby turned thirty.  We’re twenty-six weeks pregnant with twins and can’t wait for next year to come when we will fill our dream house with two more babies, give E the sibling he’s been requesting for two years, launch our fit pregnancy guide, and hopefully travel all over.

Peace out 2017!  We’re ready for 2018.  Happy New Year’s Eve!



7 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s Eve – The Year in Review

  1. Susie @ Mile High Dreamers

    So many ups and downs in this year for you! Having twins though… SUCH an incredible blessing. But I so appreciate the honesty behind how difficult the whole process has been for you both. AND the honesty about the not-so-perfect points in your marriage. In spite of the wonderful year we had, after 9 years together Ben and I had some of the most difficult times we’ve ever experienced. But it worked out to make out relationship stronger too. It’s always comforting to connect with people through similar circumstances.
    So excited to see what 2018 brings you and your family! And to meet your new babies!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

    1. Carly Post author

      There’s got to be a such thing as the 9 year itch……everyone talks about 7 years, but I”ve met so many people that say 9ish years was the hardest for them. I’m sorry to hear it was the same way for you and Ben, but glad you guys came through it even stronger. Thank you so much for the sweet comments and following along with our blog! I hope 2018 is an amazing year for you and Ben

  2. Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    Such a blessing to have twins growing inside you after going through IVF! My husband and I considered IVF for a third child, but I pretty much chickened out. It is def. a lot! I am so glad you worked to strengthen your marriage, that is so important. That is wonderful how many page views your blog received, I just got up to 61,000 and I was just so excited. It really is nice to see hard work pay off!! Cheers to 2018!


    1. Carly Post author

      That’s a wonderful accomplishment for your blog, Carrie. Congrats!
      Yeah, IVF was hard but the thought of not having more was harder for me. I completely understand why you chose not to do it though. I hope 2018 is a wonderful year for you. Happy New Years!


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