Best Strollers – How to Choose the Perfect Stroller

While I’m a fan of minimizing baby gear down to the 10 baby essentials .  I’m also a huge fan of splurging on one of the best strollers available, especially if you’re a mom that’s dedicated to staying fit (how I stayed fit during pregnancy here) and will use your stroller frequently.   It’s the only baby item you will use from the newborn stage all the way to kindergarten stage, so it’s worth investing in one of the best strollers from the category that best suits your needs.

When it comes to strollers there are tons of different options and choosing the right stroller can become over-whelming.  I’ve tried to simplify the process of finding the right stroller and have only included the absolute best stroller from each category.

best strollers
1: uppa baby vista // 2: bob // 3: GB pockit // 4: baby jogger city select // 5: doona

Also, I highly encourage you to add a stroller to your Amazon baby registry.  I know it seems crazy that someone would buy you one, but with both pregnancies we had family members that wanted to splurge on a stroller for us.  If they buy you one from Amazon, it’s easy for them to choose from a huge selection of colors and ship it to your for free, versus dealing with a limited store selection and paying for shipping.  Plus Amazon gives you a free baby gift box just for creating a baby registry with them, which takes all of 5 minutes.  Ours box had a swaddle blanket, 35+ diapers, and a onesie!  Click here to create your registry and get your free baby box.

1: Uppa Baby Vista – Best Stroller for Growing Families
When we were in NYC I noticed everyone had an Uppa Baby Stroller and of course had to do some research on it. I immediately understood why it’s so popular in the city. It’s extremely narrow and versatile despite being able to carry lots of stuff and kiddos. It’s a huge splurge, but it’s the only stroller you will ever need and can easily transform to carry up to 3 kids.  Also It comes with a baby bassinet that you can use around your house too, and can easily add on an extra seat and ride board to accommodate up to three children.  We bought an Uppa Baby Vista for the twins and love it so far! It’s perfect for a mom who will be using her stroller frequently and wants a stroller that will easily grow with the family.

2: Bob Revolution – Most Durable Stroller for Outdoor Enthusiasts
A family member bought us a Bob Revolution off of our Amazon registry when we were pregnant with E and it’s been the best stroller. I highly recommend it if you are really active and planning on using your stroller for long walks in off-roading areas. It has a great suspension so it goes over rocks and ditches easily. We’ve used our Bob with E from age 6 weeks to age 5 and absolutely loved it! I would recommend getting the tires lined with “stop flat”, which you can get done at any bike shop, since it has inflatable tires that will get flats with stickers and thorns. It’s designed for heavy duty use and is perfect for the outdoorsy mom who will be taking her stroller on hikes and runs frequently.

3: GB Pockit – Best Light Weight, Most Compact Stroller for Moms on the Go
Named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most compact stroller, the GB Pockit is the best stroller for moms who want a light weight, easily fold-able stroller that they’ll be using on sidewalks or indoors on rare occasions. It folds down to fit in a tote bag, which makes it perfect for the mom who is always on the go.

4: Baby Jogger City Select – Most Versatile Stroller for Moms on a Budget
When it comes to the best bang for your buck the Baby Jogger City Select wins. In appearance and design it’s very similar to the Uppa Baby Vista, but is a fraction of the cost. It’s fairly compact allowing for use on narrow sidewalks and metros, but also has a fairly good suspension that can tolerate light exercise. As an added bonus it can grow with your family and easily converts into a double stroller by adding a second seat.  It’s an excellent option for the mom who wants a versatile stroller that plans on having more children.

5: Doona – Best Car Seat Stroller Combo for Frequent Travelers
The Doona is the first safety rated car seat that turns into a stroller. It’s a simple set up that has a latch to pull, which drops down the wheels. It’s a great stroller option for parents who rarely need a stroller and prefer to keep their baby gear to a minimal. It’s also an excellent option for the frequent flyer mom who takes her baby on trips with her.

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6 thoughts on “Best Strollers – How to Choose the Perfect Stroller

  1. Susie @ Mile High Dreamers

    After nannying for YEARS throughout high school and college, and working in early childhood education, I can definitely attest to the necessity of having a great stroller! This was honestly one of the things that could make an outing magical and easy, or a complete disaster. Especially with multiple kiddos! Stroller is one thing we’ll definitely invest in with kids of our own!

    Susie |

    1. Carly Post author

      Agreed! Having the right stroller is so important. Often moms worry about things like their kiddos outfits and diaper bags so much but what really makes an easy day being out and about is the stroller. Thanks for all the thoughtful comments! I really appreciate you following along with my blog, Susie.

      Have a wonderful week.

    1. Carly Post author

      It’s funny, you’ll discover that a stroller is a like a good handbag once you become a mom. I’m glad you found this helpful

    1. Carly Post author

      Someday, when you’re ready I’m sure you two will take the cutest pictures pushing your baby around in an amazing stroller and wearing amazing outfits of course ; )


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