Chuck E’ Cheese’s and 10 Things

Chuck E. Cheese's

Over the Christmas break we took E to Chuck E. Cheese’s for the first time.  When E initially suggested we go I wasn’t too excited, but he insisted his friends at school said it was “the best place ever”.

Chuck E. Cheese's Chuck E. Cheese's

Chuck E. Cheese’s turned out to be a lot cleaner and more fun than I expected!  E played games for an hour, ate pizza (we avoided the buffet and ordered a personal pizza to our table), and then played games for another hour.

Chuck E. Cheese's Chuck E. Cheese's

He even hit the jackpot on one of the games and got a ton of tickets!  Chuckie made an appearance twice while we were there and E thought he was the coolest.

Chuck E. Cheese's Chuck E. Cheese's

A lot of the games were a bit advanced for E, but he didn’t seem to mind.  He drove the virtual reality cars over and over again and cracked up every time he crashed, which was a lot.  It was pretty cute!

Chuck E. Cheese'soutfit details: jeans (maternity), similar sweater (non-maternity), loafers

With the New Year comes new goals for our blog.  Last year we weren’t very consistent with posts mainly in the spring (more about that here).  This year we’re going to do one helpful post on parenting, pregnancy or travel a week and one post a week that either features our favorite products, answers questions we get, or shares highlights of our week.  We hope the new schedule will help satisfy our blog readers requests for us to be more available.  If you have a question or comment please leave it at the bottom of a blog post or as a comment on our newest Instagram photo. Thank you so much for stopping by our little family website!

Today we’re going to kick off our “10 Things” series, which will highlight our thoughts and events of the week.  It will also include answers to some of the questions we get often.

  1.  E turned five a few weeks ago and I’m freaking out about it.  How is it possible that he’s five and going to start kindergarten soon?!  I want to keep him home and away from mean kids forever, but he’s so excited to start big kid school…….
  2. I tried on these jeans from J Crew and they were the comfiest jeans ever!  I’m going to buy at least two pairs of them to celebrate getting my body back post-pregnancy.
  3. The master bedroom in our house is finally fully decorated almost two years after living here!
  4. These newborn beanies from Etsy are so cute.  I bought two of them and the shop owner gave me two matching boy ones when I told her I was having twins!
  5. Why do people feel the need to write mean comments on blogs?  Seriously, why not just click away if they don’t like the blog or what is said on it?  It makes absolutely no sense to me.
  6. My hubby had Christmas until the day after New Year’s off work and it was great to have him home everyday.
  7. Staying fit while pregnant with the twins is hard, seriously hard!  I’ve been keeping with my pregnancy fitness plan and I’m hoping I can keep it up until I deliver.
  8. I talk a lot about parenting with key phrases, but this by no means I just repeat 5 phrases over and over to my son.  I talk to him a lot, so much that his pre-school teacher always comments on how well he carries on adult-like conversations with her and the other students.  I use the key phrases in situations where I’m losing my patience and at times when E needs boundaries enforced quickly.
  9. This pregnancy has made my innie belly button become an outtie.  It’s seriously weird.  See it on my Instagram highlights.
  10. Our fit pregnancy guide launches this month and I’m so excited about it!  Click here to be notified when it’s available.



12 thoughts on “Chuck E’ Cheese’s and 10 Things

  1. Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    I really love Chuckie Cheese’s pizza, I am not sure if that is weird? I love J Crew jeans, but I also really love American Eagle lately. You are doing so good at being active while pregnant! I wish I had been!!


    1. Carly Post author

      Well you’re definitely the first person I’ve heard of who loves Chuckie Cheese’s pizza, but I”m sure it makes going there even more enjoyable!

      I’m trying…’s definitely a hard commitment. The fatigue with twin pregnancy is no joke.

  2. Susie @ Mile High Dreamers

    It looks like he had so much fun there! And as a 1st grade teacher, I 100% understand the anxiety about bringing your kiddo into the world of school and mean kids. BUT, in my humble opinion, I think as long as you emphasize the importance of HIM being kind to others no matter what, he will do wonderfully. I often explain to my kids that if someone is being mean, it’s because they’re hurting inside, and they should do everything they can to help fill up their bucket instead.
    The funny thing is, I think this applies to people making rude comments on blogs too! Whenever I get those, I just remind myself that this person is struggling or missing something in their life and they’re attempting to fill that void with those remarks. I feel sorry for them, but I also hope they find REAL happiness eventually.
    You and your family as so great and kind, I can’t wait to read about your next adventures and growth!

    Susie |

    1. Carly Post author

      Excellent and wise advice, Susie! Thanks I’ll definitely reflect on the cause behind the mean comments and discuss your tips with my son too. I didn’t no your were a teacher. That’s wonderful! Your students are really lucky to have such an insightful woman to guide them. Have a wonderful week!


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