Pregnancy Pictures

pregnancy picturestaken at 29 weeks

The other night we were in the yard roasting hot dogs in the fireplace when I realized we were all in blue, so I had to get a few family pregnancy pictures.   Since I’m pregnant with twins, I always have it in the back of my mind that I might go into labor early.  Every week I wonder if it will be my last week pregnant and my last chance to take pregnancy pictures.  Although, I should add our goal is to reach 37 weeks.

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pregnancy pictures pregnancy pictures

I still can’t believe there are two babies growing inside of me.  Then I look at my belly and pregnancy pictures and think “oh yeah, there’s definitely two in there”.  My twin baby bump at 29 weeks is about the same size as my baby bump when I had E at 37 weeks.  Thank goodness for my fit pregnancy plan, or I would be the size of a truck right now!

See week by week baby bump pictures on my Instagram.

pregnancy pictures

This pictures melts my heart!  E already loves his brother and sister so much.  He talks to my belly everyday and always wants to give my belly hugs.  I’m so glad my husband captured this moment as we prepared to take the pregnancy pictures.  Sometimes candid pictures are the best!

pregnancy pictures pregnancy pictures

It’s been unusually warm here for the past several weeks and feels more like spring than winter.  Luckily, I’m actually getting to wear this dress now, which I though I wouldn’t be able to wear until the end of my pregnancy in March.  My exact dress is currently sold out, but this dress is identical.

pregnancy picturesidentical maternity dress (mine is currently sold out)

Looking at these pictures makes me so happy!  I can’t believe how lucky I am to have these two boys in my life and I can’t believe the IVF actually worked.  We’re going to be a family of five in 8 short weeks!


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14 thoughts on “Pregnancy Pictures

    1. Carly Post author

      Yeah, it was a really hard decision and definitely a hard process, but luckily it worked. I hope it’s easier on your friend and that it works for her too

  1. Mercy

    I admire how you look so physically fit for a 29 weeks with 2 babies, I was really big in my pregnancies, I couldn’t stop eating with less exercise. This maternity dress is nice and versatile, you can still use them later post pregnancy. I’m wishing you well dear!

  2. Amy-Anne Williams

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous, you all look wonderful. The images are so pretty as well, with the soft lighting and background. I bet you’re more than chuffed with these 🙂

    Little Moon Elephant


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