The Best Winter Vacation Destination

winter vacation destinationwinter vacation destination

Every year we go on a winter wonderland vacation right after the holidays.  Living in the southwest means we don’t get a lot of snow and I want E to have all the fun childhood memories of a true winter.  Each year we choose a snow filled destination to visit and do all the classic snow day activities.  See more of our snow day pictures on my Instagram.

winter vacation destinationE’s snow bib
winter vacation destination E’s snow outfitwinter vacation destinationE’s coat // E’s bootswinter vacation destinationE’s boots // E’s snow outfit

This time last year we headed to Dunton, Colorado.  It was the best winter vacation destination we’ve ever visited and we vowed to go back every year to make more family memories.  My Christmas present this year was going to be staying a long weekend at Dunton, but unfortunately my OB nixed that idea.  It’s too far from a hospital with a NICU for me to safely stay now that I’m into the second trimester of pregnancy with the twins.

winter vacation destination E’s coat // my boots // similar beaniewinter vacation destination winter vacation destinationE’s beanie (similar)

I know it’s worth skipping Dunton this year to ensure the twins have the best medical care available if they arrive early, but I can’t help but be a bit disappointed.  For now we’re going to re-live our trip to Dunton through pictures and plan our trip there for next year.

winter vacation destinationwinter vacation destination winter vacation destinationsimilar beanie (tons of colors) // similar scarf  (tons of colors)// rain boots (identical to Hunter boots but way less expensive & come in tons of colors)winter vacation destination winter vacation destination

One of the things that makes Dunton so special is it’s isolation yet ability to provide high end luxuries.  We felt like we were in the middle of nowhere, yet every little need of ours was met before we even knew we needed it.

All the food and activities are included, which we took full advantage of.  E enjoyed hot chocolate at the bar every afternoon and kicked off the 4 course dinners with a “kiddie cocktail”.  We also enjoyed sledding, snow shoeing, snow ball fights, and of course building a snowman.

winter vacation destination similar beanie (tons of color options) // similar sweaterwinter vacation destination

We spent the evenings cuddled up in the library next to the fire reading books until E was sleepy.  The picture above is the cabin we stayed in.  There’s only twelve guest cabins, so it always has an intimate, quiet feel around the resort.

winter vacation destination winter vacation destination

Dunton used to be an old mining village with hot springs that the miners got to enjoy.  Once the mining stopped, the village was abandoned and it became a ghost town.  In 1994 the current owners bought the town and renovated it into a luxury wilderness resort with 12 cabins, 2 hot springs for guests, and an indoor bath house that’s fed by the hot springs.  It’s seriously the most magical place!  I’ll be sharing more pictures of the resort on Instagram over the next few months.

winter vacation destinationsimilar swimsuit here

There’s nothing quite like sitting in a 104 degree hot spring surrounded by snow.  It’s truly magical!  I’m so glad we discovered Dunton and are able to make it our annual family winter wonderland destination.  The scene above makes we wish so badly that we were headed back to this year, but I know it will be even more fun when we go back with the twins.

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18 thoughts on “The Best Winter Vacation Destination

    1. Carly Post author

      It’s an incredible place! Thanks, we’re so excited to be welcoming 2 babies into our family this year. Happy New Year, Shannon!

  1. Sheena Sy Gonzales

    Your vacation looks lovely! Hope you had the happiest holidays 🙂

    Sheena Sy Gonzales is an illustrator, designer, travel writer, wife and mom. She loves writing about her adventures around the world and about how God is working in her life. Follow her on social media @sheenalovessunsets

  2. Susie @ Mile High Dreamers

    Okay, I’m a CO native and I’ve NEVER heard of Dunton! This looks absolutely magical and seems like the picture perfect cabin getaway. I bet it’s still incredible in the summer months too! Ben and I have been wanting to get away to a hot springs and I think we might just have to end up here!

    Next year you’ll have some pretty great pics here 🙂

    Susie |

    1. Carly Post author

      You should absolutely go, Susie! You and Ben will love it. It’s a hidden gym. I don’t think it gets the publicity it deserves because it’s so small and personalized. I’ve never been in the summer, but I’m sure it just as beautiful then.

      Have a wonderful weekend!


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