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best parenting books

When we first found out I was pregnant with E, I bought all the topped reviewed best parenting books available.  I had no clue what kind of parent I wanted to be.  My hubby and I used to lay in bed debating who would be the strict parent and who would be the fun one.  We could never decide, but what we did decide was that we wanted to be well informed on different parenting techniques.  We read the huge stack of the best parenting books we had ordered and have accumulated even more over the years.

We’ve also been reading more sleep training books, since we found out we were pregnant with twins and have included these in our review.  IWhile there is endless amounts of parenting information on the internet (my favorite site is, sometimes it’s nice to have a good old fashioned book to read.  Today I wanted to share a review on the best parenting books.

I’ll be talking more about these books on my Instagram stories over the next few weeks.

best parenting books best parenting books best parenting books

Bringing Up Bebe’
This is one of my all time favorite books! It’s written by a New York journalist who moves to France and notices the major differences between French mothers and American mothers during pregnancy and with parenting young children. It’s not your classic instructive parenting book. Instead it’s the story of one mother’s observations, experiments, failures and successes as she experiences pregnancy and motherhood in a foreign land. It’s witty, fun, and an easy to read book with lots of information moms can incorporate into their parenting techniques. Bringing Up Bebe‘ is partially what inspired me to write my “How to End Toddler Tantrums” and “How to End Toddler Whining” Posts.

Parenting with Love and Logic
This book was required reading in my college Child Psychology class. At the time I didn’t plan on having children anytime soon, but the professor insisted that every person interested in children should read it multiple times. I’m glad she did, because it’s one of my absolute favorite parenting book! Dr Fay, the author of Parenting with Love and Logic, guides parents on how to establish consistent routines in their household and apply boundaries with love. The end of the book has several common parenting dilemmas where he explains exactly how to apply his advice to, such as kids breaking curfew or refusing to do the dishes.The parenting tips are mainly targeted at children age six and up, but he does have another book with parenting advice from birth to age six.

Parenting with Love and Logic the Early Years
I’ve mentioned this book a lot on the blog. It’s a wonderful read filled with great tips that any mom can easily apply to her parenting techniques. Like his first book, Dr. Fay, advises establishing boundaries with lots of patience and love, but in this book he explains how to apply these concepts to very young children. He includes excellent examples of how to handle time out, tantrums, refusing to eat and other common problems moms of babies and toddlers face. I’ve used many of his techniques on my son and they work great! This book inspired my “Time Out Done Right” series.

Sleep Wise
When I was pregnant with Eli, I was terrified of how little sleep I’d get once he was born. This book is a short, easy to read book that breaks down a baby’s daily schedule into sleep, eat, and playtime,. It recommends exact schedules to follow to ensure the baby starts sleeping through the night early. I had to go back to work shortly after Eli was born and I wanted him sleeping through the night early. Sleep Wise had raving reviews, so my husband and I read it multiple times and tried to apply all of the advice to our lifestyle as new parents. We followed the advised schedules for about seven weeks, before giving up. The schedules made our life more challenging and E was still waking up every 2-3 hours a night.  Plus our pediatrician was not a fan of this book, so we tossed it.

12 Hours Sleep by 12 Weeks Old
Tons of bloggers with twins have been raving about this book, so I read while I was pregnant with the twins. It’s an easy read, and is written by a professional baby sleep coach who immigrated from Brazil. It has a suggested feed schedule for babies that is concise and easy to follow. The principle of the book lies on babies receiving enough milk/formula during the day to sleep during the night once they reach nine pounds. We’re going to follow this schedule for the twins. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes on Instagram.

The Baby Book
This is a huge book with everything you could possibly have ever want to know about babies. We bought The Baby Book during our first pregnancy. We use it as an educational resource anytime we need advice and want it from an expert pediatrician. It’s a great book to have around the house for new parents to use as a reference that’s way more legitimate than Facebook groups, but it’s definitely over-whelming to read page by page.

The Attachment Parenting Book
Obviously I’m not into attachment parenting. No offense to those who are, but it doesn’t work for my lifestyle. That being said I know many mothers love the idea of attachment parenting. This is the golden handbook for Attachment Parenting of learning and applying attachment parenting techniques into your life. I tried to read this book out of curiosity when I was pregnant with E, but could never get all the way through it.

Happiest Baby on the Block
Many pediatricians I’ve spoken with highly recommend this book for fussy babies. It teaches the 5 basic principles that help calm a fussy baby. Many moms who have babies with colic swear by it. It’s an easy read with helpful advice that can be applied to any baby.

5 Key Parenting Phrases
This isn’t a book but it’s an article my husband and I wrote about the key parenting phrases we incorporate into our daily activities. These phrases have made a huge difference with helping our young son behave at home and in public.

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15 thoughts on “Best Parenting Books for Babies & Toddlers

  1. Mercy

    Sounds like great books to read, what I like the most was your old post ‘How to end Toddler Tantrums’. That is fun and clever, I say something similar that also stops my 3 year old from throwing a hissy fit. Wishing you well in your last trimester. Take care dear!

  2. Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    I remember collecting a lot of baby books when I was pregnant. I think the ones with tips on better sleeping will be the most valuable! Ha! Although, my son was a terrible sleeper and then my daughter was so easy going. I am sure that will be the case with the twins, too, given that they are two unique individuals! You just don’t know their little personalities until they’re born, but reading up on various topics always helps you to prepare!!


  3. Susie @ Mile High Dreamers

    My parents used love and logic on me, and now I totally use it with my students haha. It really is effective! Another book that I think is super helpful (although not specifically about parenting) is one I read to help support challenging kiddos at my school. One of my favorite things they said is that every kid WANTS to be ‘good’, and if they could choose that, they would. When kids act out, it’s because the demand being placed on them exceeds their ability to cope and they’re lacking the skills. Just knowing this has helped me be more patient and compassionate with my kids!
    Thanks for sharing these!

    Susie |

    1. Carly Post author

      I had read that in one of these books too and I try to remind myself of it often. Every kid truly is good. It’s adults and society that ruins them sadly. Susie, you seem like such an inspiring, caring teacher. I hope my son has a teacher like you when he starts school. Thanks for all the insightful comments.

  4. Rena

    Oh, this post is for sure very helpful for young parents! Our children are already grown up since many years what means at least I don’t need these books. But who knows what the future will bring and when our children need such books 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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