Maternity Outfits – 12 Easy to Re-Create Maternity Outfits

maternity outfits

Today I’m doing a round-up of maternity outfits I wore during the second trimester.  I’ve tried hard to stick to my non-maternity clothes capsule wardrobe, but I’ve bought a few extra items that weren’t on it.

maternity outfits maternity outfits maternity outfits maternity outfits maternity outfits maternity outfits

This twin baby bump is no joke!  I can’t believe how big my bump is and I still have an entire trimester to go (eek!).  I’m so glad I started following a fit pregnancy plan at the very beginning of my pregnancy or else there is no way I’d still be able to wear most of these outfits.

maternity outfits maternity outfits maternity outfits

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maternity outfits maternity outfits

Honestly, my most commonly worn outfit during the second trimester was the outfit pictured above (proof on Instagram).  I seriously wore leggings or joggers with a sports bra at least 3 days a week during the second trimester.

Read all the details of my twin pregnancy here: first trimester, second trimester, third trimester.

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13 thoughts on “Maternity Outfits – 12 Easy to Re-Create Maternity Outfits

  1. Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    These are such cute looks, so many could be styled for us non-pregnant folks, too! 🙂 The first two outfits and the one with the leather leggings (I think they’re leather leggings) are my absolute faves!!


  2. Susie @ Mile High Dreamers

    Oh my gosh, I just adore your style. I love how you embrace the baby bump in all of these! And I’m in complete awe of how you’ve stuck to working out and taking care of yourself with TWO little nuggets growing in these. You’re amazing! Not gonna lie, I’m stealing some of these outfits even though I’m not rocking a baby bump haha.

    Susie |


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