Postpartum Recovery Kit

postpartum recovery

When I was pregnant with E I spent hours researching everything a newborn baby could possibly need, but was poorly prepared for my postpartum recovery. As a first time mom my major focus was preparing for the baby. I bought tons of parenting books, the 10 newborn baby essentials, the best stroller, and spent lots of time designing the perfect nursery.

Some how it never occurred to me to research and prepare for recovering from childbirth. Beyond the basic instructions given my OB and the hospital as we parted ways post delivery, I was completely clueless as to help make my postpartum recovery easier. With a newborn baby at home, I had no time to research postpartum recovery (at the time this article would have been helpful) and in hindsight my lack of preparations for myself made being a new mom and recovering from child birth way harder.  Follow on Instagram to see more of my baby preparations.

postpartum recovery1: Cozy Socks // 2: Mom Washer // 3: C-Panty High Waist // 4: Cute Robe // 5: C-Panty Low Waist // 6: Slippers // 7: Basic Nursing Bra // 8: Cotton Tees // 9: Joggers // 10: Breast Pads // 11: Feminine Cold Pads // 12: Full Bottom Panties

This pregnancy I decided to make myself a postpartum recovery kit, so I have everything at home to make recovering easier while I care for my sweet newborn twins. I know lots of moms are in similar situations to myself, so I wanted to share my postpartum recovery kit (even though a few of these items are a bit embarrassing). Hopefully it helps other moms be better prepared for those six weeks between bringing baby home and following up with the OB for the postpartum visit.

Cozy Socks
Cozy socks, joggers, tees and cute robes are a new moms uniform and these cozy socks are perfect.  Enough said…..

Mom Washer
After a vaginal delivery there’s a lot of swelling and often stitches, which make wiping after using the restroom painful. This handy little bottle is the perfect design to clean yourself.  Then you simply pat dry. Most hospitals will provide you with a squeeze bottle, but Frieda mom washer bottle is way easier to use thanks to the design of the lid.

C-Panty high waist 
These compression panties are specially designed for recovering from C-sections. They have a silicone panel that over lays the C-section scar to add support to the surrounding tissue and speed healing. The high waisted version lifts and supports the post-pregnancy belly to help ease pain and allow the tissue to return more quickly to it’s normal shape. It looks like I may be having a C-section with the twins (baby girl is currently laying side ways) and if I do, I definitely plan on getting a C-panty to help me recover.

Cute Robes
Having 2-3 comfy, cute robes around is essential after child birth. The truth is, after having a baby many women live in robes for the first 1-3 weeks and never get dressed. Having cute robes like these will make you feel more put together.

C-Panty Classic Waist
This is the low waisted version of the C-panty. It has the silicone panel that over lays the C-section scar to add support to the surrounding tissue and speed healing. Unlike the high waisted version it sits low on the belly and is the perfect option for moms who have C-sections that don’t like wearing high waisted clothes.

Cute slippers are a must have item for the hospital while you’re there and are also great to have at your bedside for those middle of the night feedings and diaper changes. I love this pair!

Nursing Bras
If you plan on nursing, having a few inexpensive, comfortable nursing bras like these to start off with is a good plan.  Wait to buy the fancy, expensive nursing bras until you’ve been nursing for a few months.  That way you have time to figure out what works best for you (size and shape often change in the first 1-3 months of breast feeding) before spending hundreds of dollars on nursing bras.

Hanes Tees
The first few weeks of motherhood are messy. You may be covered in spit up, breast milk/formula, and who knows what else. Having a pack of these inexpensive, soft, cozy, cotton tees makes changing easy. Plus the white cotton matches everything and looks great for spontaneous photo sessions. I lived in these men’s crew neck tees during pregnancy and will be wearing them post-partum too. The men’s version are always softer, longer, and less expensive.

Trust me, you will not want to wear yoga pants the first few weeks after giving birth. Joggers and cute sweat pants are key to being comfortable and allowing your body the room it needs to heal. These joggers are my current favorite.

Breast Pads
Whether you plan on nursing or not, you’ll want to have at least one box of these at your house. You’ll be leaking colostrum or milk for the first few days regardless of if you are nursing or bottle feeding. These will keep your bras clean and dry. I like the throw away nursing pads over the washable nursing pads to minimize laundry that needs to be done in the first few weeks.

Medline Cold Pack Pads
These are super absorbent jumbo size pads (remember you’ll be bleeding heavily for several days/weeks following delivery, sorry awkward topic….), that have built in cold packs. They are amazing for helping with post-delivery pain and swelling in the first 3-5 days.  Most stores don’t sell these, so be sure to order them in advance if you’re planning a vaginal delivery. These are the exact cold pads the hospital I delivered E at used. They were the only thing I needed for pain post-delivery with E.

Full Bottom Panties
Having several full bottom panties that are inexpensive, comfortable, and you won’t mind throwing away if they get messy is essential for recovering from childbirth. This Hanes bikini pack is the perfect option for post-partum panties.

Fit Pregnancy Guide
If you’ve stayed fit during your pregnancy your post-partum recovery will be easier, so don’t forget to get the Fit Pregnancy Guide. Plus the meal plan, 30 minute dinner recipes and grocery lists that come with the course are perfect for helping your husband when he takes over preparing meals as you recover.

Another tip: if you’re currently pregnant, be sure to create an Amazon baby registry.  Amazon will send you a baby welcome box, which is packed full of awesome items.  My box had a sample of lotion designed for moms recovering from child birth, 35+ newborn diapers, a swaddle blanket, onsie, and tons of skin care samples for women and babies.

Now that you’re prepared for post-partum recovery, prepare for labor by reading “10 Things You’re Friends Won’t Tell You About Labor & Delivery“.

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7 thoughts on “Postpartum Recovery Kit

  1. Amy Arnold

    This is such a great post! I would have loved it before having Ivy. I just had no idea. I had an unexpected c-section and really needed something like the panties you described. I ordered a band and lived in it afterward. Plus robes and everything soft!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. brittany

    yes i love all of these things!!! i have to say, i didn’t have a c-section with either of mine, but the tummy wrap deal i used both times and it really helped everything go back in!! and OH those cozy socks look incredible!


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