I’m Carly, a modern mommy balancing motherhood, a career as a doctor, wife duties, and a busy social life.  I’m constantly being asked by people about my ideas on parenting and on balancing my career with motherhood, so I decided to create A Modern Mom Blog.  It’s a space to document my life, opinions, achievements and failures.

A Modern Mom Blog

There are tons of people who know way more than I do about raising children and successfully running a household.  Therefore, I don’t claim to be an expert or have knowledge beyond my own experiences.  I’m just a modern mom approaching life with a schedule in hand and big dreams for my little family.

Here’s my story:

As a child, I loved to read and was always drawn to stories about people over-coming medical problems.  As cliche as it may sound, I felt like God was calling me to medicine through these books.  I studied hard, did well in school, and received a solid scholarship to attend college in New Mexico.

a modern mom blog

On the first day of college, I met my now husband, M.  We dated throughout college, and he constantly supported my goal to attend medical school.  We made it through college quickly (3 years) and fairly easily.  Applying to medical school and for PhD programs together at the age of twenty was challenging to say the least, but things worked out and we were able to attend the same school.

a modern mom blog

We got married during Christmas break of our first semester of graduate school.   The next five years we studied and worked harder than we ever imagined was possible.

a modern mom blog

I graduated and stayed on at the hospital I did medical school at for my first year of residency, while M completed his PhD.  In M’s final year of school and my first year of residency we decided to grow our family.

a modern mom blog

After a complicated pregnancy, God blessed us with a healthy, beautiful boy.  I felt instant love and happiness, but suddenly my career goals changed completely.


Instead of chasing a high powered medical career, I wanted more time with my son and less time in the operating room.  With support (and some doubts) from my medical mentors, I gave up my highly coveted residency spot and entered a specialty that would give a better balance of career and home life.  I still get to practice medicine, but in a much less stressful manner.

Luckily, I ended up loving the specialty I fell in to!  I haven’t looked back since I walked out of the O.R on my 26th birthday. Now, I spend three days a week doing what I love, medicine, and four full days a week with the one I love, my sweet little boy E.

A Modern Mom Blog

Now, we’re living the dream in New Mexico.  My hubby works full-time as a scientist and I’m a mommy and part-time doctor.  Our life is far from perfect and I’m definitely not the perfect mother, but nonetheless it’s a life full of moments I want to remember.

A Modern Mom Blog is our life story.  I hope it inspires you to find the perfect career – motherhood balance that works for your family.

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